Programs of Study

Bachelor of Biblical Studies Four-Year Track (124 Credits)

  Lower Division Courses

Year A  

Course No.   Fall                      Credits     Course No.   Spring                        Credits
FOUN110         Foundations 1                            2+1          FOUN210         Foundations 2                                    2+1
MISS100      Discipleship                 2        COUN200      Biblical Psychology              2
MISS110      Methods of Evangelism        2        MISS210      Apologetics                      2
THEO100      Introduction to Theology     3        THEO200      Hermeneutics                     3
BIBL110      Bible Survey 1               3        BIBL210      Bible Survey 2                   3
BIBL120      Gospels                      2        BIBL220      Pentateuch                       2
                        Total Credits    15                                    Total Credits    15

Year B

Course No.   Fall                      Credits     Course No.   Spring                        Credits
FOUN120      Foundations 3                2+1      FOUN220      Foundations 4                    2+1
MISS120      Introduction to Missions     2        MISS220      Church Planting                  2
THEO110      Survey of Doctrine 1         3        THEO210      Survey of Doctrine 2             3
THEO120      Church History 1             3        THEO220      Church History 2                 3
BIBL130      Pauline Epistles 1           2        BIBL230      Pauline Epistles 2               2
BIBL140      Acts                         2        BIBL240      Psalms and Wisdom Literature     2
                        Total Credits    15                                    Total Credits    15


 Upper Division Courses

Year C  

Course No.   Fall                      Credits     Course No.   Spring                        Credits
FOUN310      Foundations 5                2+1      FOUN410      Foundations 6                    2+1
PRAC301/302  Practicum Workshop/Practicum 1        PRAC401      Practicum                        1
EDUC310      Intro to Christian Education 3        EDUC410      Essentials of Teaching           3
MINI310      English for Church Ministry  2        LEAD400      Homiletics                       2
LEAD310      Leadership 1                 2        LEAD410      Leadership 2                     2
THEO300      Biblical Languages           3        LEAD430      Practical Ecclesiology           2
BIBL310      Hebrews/General Epistles     2        BIBL410      Old Testament Historical Books   3
                        Total Credits    15                                   Total Credits     15                    
Year D  

Course No.   Fall                      Credits     Course No.   Spring                        Credits
FOUN320      Foundations 7                2+1      FOUN420      Foundations 8                    2+1
PRAC301/302  Practicum Workshop/Practicum 1        PRAC402      Practicum                        1
COUN310      Counseling Fundamentals      2        COUN410      Critical Counseling Issues       2
LEAD320      Leadership 3                 2        LEAD420      Leadership 4                     2
MINI320      Intro to Church Ministries   3        LEAD440      Principles of Church Admin       3
MISS310      Preparation for Team Life    2        MISS410      Cross-Cultural Evangelism        3
BIBL320      Old Testament Prophets       3        BIBL420      1-3 John/Revelation              2
                        Total Credits    16                                   Total Credits     16

Foundations Courses have two credit hours of instruction plus a one credit Christian Service requirement.

GGNMBC has a flexible year system.

This means some of the Year A, B, C & D courses will be offered each academic year. The students have flexibility to choose any number of
classes every semester and year to accumulate respective credits. As they keep on qualifying for various credit requirements,

they are  able to graduate from the respective courses. For example, a part time student may be able to finish one year certificate in two to

three years time.

Additional Awards

A Pathfinder Certificate may be awarded to students completing 30 credits.
An Associate of Biblical Studies may be awarded to students completing 60 credits.

A Post-graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies may be awarded to students completing 90 credits.

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